These playful owl cabins let you camp for free in Bordeaux, France

These cute owl-shaped cabins are the ideal hideaway for many of your off-the-grid vacation requirements. And they are free to keep in, just be warned: These will be bare-basic digs. You won't find running water, power, or heating indoors.

These owls are just supposed to be the camping shelters. And they offer a great deal more relaxation than a straightforward tent.

Going by the name The Watchers, both of these story cabins were constructed by Zebra3 to perch to a dock in Bordeaux, France. The plan pays tribute to the owls that nest in the marshes surrounding the pier.

"The notion of birds came to me quite fast," states Zebra3's primary designer Candice Petrillo "Following the previous expansion of the industrial zone, I watched migrants swirling around in the skies, trying to find the old dried wetland. The nod of a creature eye along with the curve of this item is a tribute to these sculptors François Pompon and François-Xavier Lalanne."

h/t Inhabitat