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Solar Panels: Are They Worth It

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It’s no doubt that solar power is becoming an increasingly popular form of alternative energy. Commercial and home solar panels have changed the way people live. If you’re considering investing in this energy-efficient technology, you might be wondering if they are worth it—the answer is maybe.

The cost of installation and your energy usage will determine whether solar panels are worth it for you, so be sure to check out the benefits of switching to solar power before making the decision.

The Cost of Solar Panels

How much solar panels cost varies by a number of factors, including:

Home Location

The average price per watt for solar systems varies all over the country, which leads to different solar panel costs. In Ohio, solar panels currently average about $2.89 per watt. The amount of sunlight your home receives also affects system output. It determines how many solar modules you will need.

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Amount of Electricity Your Home Uses

Obviously, the more electricity you use at home, the more solar panels you’ll need. While solar panels get cheaper on a per-watt basis, the total system cost increases as the system size gets bigger.

Type of Solar Panel and Inverter

Quality determines the price. Note that there is a big difference in cost between industry-leading solar panel system brands and those that are of lesser quality.

Ease or Difficulty of Installation

The ease or difficulty of the installation affects the cost due to increased labor hours. It will take longer to install the solar panels if your home is four stories high or is designed uniquely.

Installation prices will depend on the solar company you choose and the equipment you install. On average, solar system installation for residential use in Ohio ranges from $11,411 to $14,874. You may also want to take advantage of cheapest gas in akron Ohio rate comparison services to help you compare prices, contract terms, and other plan differences.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Reduces or eliminates your electric bills

Typically, a solar panel system has a 25- to 35-year lifespan. You can cut your electricity costs for decades as you generate your electricity. To learn how much solar panels can save you, you can use an online solar panel calculator. This tool can give you a customized estimate of what you can expect to save and maximize your solar panel investment.

Improves the value of your home

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mandates that the value of your solar panel system be added to the total appraisal value of your home. This aspect can be beneficial if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Benefits the Environment

This is probably the most popular and admirable feature of switching to solar power. As a clean, renewable source of energy, solar power use can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Unlike fossil fuels like oil and coal, solar power doesn’t release pollutants into the atmosphere and water supply. Hence, it reduces water and air pollution.

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Provides Energy Reliability and Security

The rising and setting of the sun are consistent across the world. You will never run out of solar energy as no one can turn sunlight into a monopoly. It provides reliable and secure power. Solar energy is particularly useful in remote regions, where there is no access to any other source of electricity.

Ways to Save For Your Eco-Friendly Investment

Unless you have thousands of dollars in the bank, buying a home solar panel system is not as easy as 1-2-3. It may be challenging to save up for a solar system, but the benefits you can get from investing in an eco-friendly technology are surely worth it. Here are some saving tips to help you purchase your home solar panel system in no time:

Start budgeting

Without a clear budget, people tend to spend money carelessly. After spending a few dollars here and there, they don’t have any idea where their money went. With a detailed budget, you give every dollar a specific purpose. Budgeting helps you decide how much money you can save each month to buy a solar panel system.

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Cut Your Spending

If you’re serious about buying a solar system quickly, consider putting a temporary stop to unnecessary shopping, dining out, or visiting the movie theater. It would be beneficial to look for inexpensive ways to have a good time at home, like cooking, watching a movie, or reading a book.

Sell Your Stuff

Go through your house and look for things you haven't used in a while. That may include gadgets, kitchenware, clothes, or recreation equipment. You can post these items for sale online, or you can host a garage sale.

Offer Your Services

Maybe you have a skill you want to share with your community. You may be good at doing yard work, cleaning homes, cooking dinner, or babysitting. By offering your services to your neighbors, you can bring in extra money to buy a solar panel system. Don’t forget to get the word out online in your local community.