ads on buildings

Top 15 Buildings With Cleverly Placed Ads on Them

People always search for the best place to advertise. Looks like some buildings have great potential to host commercials. Have a look at some of the best places where ads are placed.

#1 Hidden Message

This ad is definitely on of the best positioned ads. Great choice.

#2 Colourful Flats

I’m really curios what company would choose these flats for an advertising space. It looks cool, though. It probably cheers up sad people.

#3 Lego Ad


I would barely believe, if somebody tells me he hasn’t played with these toy bricks as a child. What a clever way to promote their constructing toys.

#4 Powerful Fan

Looks like this melting building needs cooling. Especially if it’s situated in a hot city.

#5 Tell me the truth

This company has used well both the wall and the light. It’ll be definitely seen by the pedestrians.

#6 Sticky Ad

Again great usage of broad wall space. Simple and effective.

#7 A Car On The Wall


This is one of the strangest advertisements I’ve seen. As you know, the strangest ads are sometimes the most seen ones.

#8 Grab My Hair


Movies together with large buildings are great for advertising. Who hasn’t heard of Rapunzel?

#9 Workout

workout-building This is definitely my favourite. It successfully shows both building a man’s body and a large building. Simply amazing.

#10 Fridge Magnets Ad

Amazing fridge magnets ad which catches the eye. As you can see buildings are great for advertising. Note that a building needs to be clean and in perfect condition. New buildings definitely need an expert after builders cleaning before they can have a cool ad on them.

What do you think?