Why Haven’t You Found Your Dream Home?

We all have a concept of what our dream home is and what it could be. Some of us would love to own a property that has a beautiful infinity pool in the back garden. Others would prefer to have somewhere with a lovely curb appeal. And we’re sure many more want to live somewhere completely secluded, far from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

However, after spending months, perhaps even years, you have come to the startling conclusion that your home doesn’t exist. Why is this?

It’s Beyond Your Price Range

Yes, it is quite possible that your home is just slightly beyond your price range. For instance, you may adore the idea of owning a property with a home cinema. And, by a home cinema, we don’t mean a cinema system but rather a full-sized cinema somewhere in the building. While these homes do exist  – just ask Robert Downey Jr – you can’t get them on the market for anything under one million. So, unless you’re willing to play with larger prices, you’re never going to be able to find a property like this. What does that mean?

You could still buy it, but you will be looking at take a far larger risk. The question then becomes: how much do you want that dream home?

You’re Not Looking Hard Enough

Of course, we could be more optimistic and say that the dream home is on the market. Better yet, it’s completely affordable. It’s just not in the location you expected it to be. You certainly won’t find it in your home country, and instead, you now need to look further afield. The good news is that once you start looking abroad, you’ll find homes are surprisingly cheap.

You can take advantage of the exchange rates, and in some places, the market just isn’t the same. American homes do not sell at the same prices as the same size houses in Britain. You can take these off the market for a lot less than you would think that’s for sure. If you are interested in looking abroad for a dream property, do use a property broker. They’ll be able to scout one out for you.

It Hasn’t Been Built Yet

On the other hand, if you have a rather specific idea of what you want your dream home to be, you may well have to build it yourself. This might be the only option, and it’s not as expensive as it used to be to build your own property. It’s certainly not the picture that Mr Blanding Builds His Dream House painted.

Times have moved on, and these days you can build your own dream home without ending up in the poor house.

The message here then is not to give up. If you have a dream home in your mind, you can find it. And if you can’t find it, you can always build it from scratch.