A Brazilian Artist Uses 120 Marker Pens to Create Whirling Landscape Drawings

Brazilian-born visual artist Oscar Oiwa is internationally recognized for producing fully immersive installment artwork produced from 360-degree drawings. For his most recent piece, titled Oscar Oiwa in Paradise — Drawing the Ephemeral, the artist utilized 120 black marker pens to decorate an entire inflatable dome with illustrations of ingenious pathways, mythical forests, and swirling skies.

Made only for JAPAN HOUSE São Paulo, the setup took two weeks to finish with the assistance of five assistants. Visitors are encouraged to enter the vinyl balloon, where they could experience Oiwa’s abstract, fanciful landscape. The large, monochrome drawing covers each surface of the 10 x 7 x 4-meter vinyl surface and is influenced by the artist’s love of comic book art, and the Brazilian urban atmosphere. Oiwa lovingly shows, “I’ve always enjoyed drawing, which I consider the most basic manner of expressing myself visually. A pencil and a sterile sheet, there’s no easier media compared to that.”

Otherwise, check out more from Oiwa’s expansive portfolio on his website.

h/t mymodernmet