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A Dreamlike World: Guillermo Lorca García’s Expressive Oil Paintings

The oil paintings of Guillermo Lorca García are a dreamlike journey into a surreal world. Inspired by the drama and beauty of Baroque art and the imagination and feelings associated with his childhood, the Chilean artist creates beautiful and foreboding scenes. Children and animals interact in harmony while hinting at a hidden dark side. If you’re looking for an ethereal escape, check out Lorca García’s oil paintings!

“Gustave Doré’s illustrations in the fairy tale book I read as a kid continue to influence me today,” García explains. He also points to his youth as an anxious time and the exposure to artists Rembrandt and Edvard Munch as crucial factors in his creative career. You can see hints of his inspirations throughout his paintings, which often feature romanticized settings reminiscent of centuries past.

The leopards, geese, and gorillas coexist in the same space as the children. Even though some of these animals can be dangerous, the children are content and not worried about them being so close. Because of this, tranquility of individuals embraces the turmoil of the works with a sense of calm. He says, “All my paintings have some significance for me; they are like a diary of my psychic life, and through them, I can understand parts of myself symbolically.”

If you want to purchase glicée or aluminum prints, head to Lorca’s website. You can also follow him on Instagram to stay up-to-date with his latest projects.

Guillermo Lorca García: Website | Instagram