A Norwegian Artist Explores Claustrophobia Through Paintings of Ornate Clothing

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All images courtesy of the artist © Audun Grimstad

In his latest series of oil paintings titled ‘Body Cage’, Norwegian painter and illustrator Audun Grimstad plays with elements of style design — elaborate garments, lush spaces, bold color — to make abstract structures that research “issues of feeling trapped within the facades we construct around our identities.”

“The paintings hint at narratives concerning the human condition, in which the opposites expect and sorrow are fundamental topics,” Audun told Creative Boom.

Originally from Tromsø, at the north of Norway, Audun graduated from School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2017. Following graduation, he had two artist-in-residence programmes at Mana Contemporary in New Jersey.

His works are represented by galleries both in the United States and Norway.

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