Artist Benjamin Shine creates huge calm faces from tulle fabric

British artist Benjamin Shine creates beautiful sculptures from tulle fabrics. He arranges an immense amount of material so that it forms an abstract faces. Each piece of his work of art is carefully developed by tying and arranging an excellent mesh material as the whole arrangement creates calm faces, emerging from fabric folds like clouds of smoke. Commissioned by MindBodyGreen for their annual Revitalise wellness summit, the epic, 15-foot outdoor sculpture has been installed at the Ritz Carlton Resort in Tucson, Arizona. In an exclusive interview for My Modern Met, the artist has been asked, "What inspires you about the human face?" he responds, "A sense of life, mystery, and a story. Whereas the portraits are highly detailed to achieve a strong likeness to the person they are depicting; the more recent Flows are abstracted and anonymous."

More of these incredible works you can admire on Benjamin's instagram: @benjaminshinestudio