Debbie Lawson’s Hidden Territories: A Fusion of Wildlife and Ornate Rugs

“White Lion” (2023)
  • Debbie Lawson’s unique sculptures blend wildlife forms with ornate Persian rugs, creating a captivating visual paradox.
  • Her exhibition, “Hidden Territories,” showcases this distinctive art at Sargents Daughters in New York City until March 9.
  • Lawson’s work invites viewers to ponder the intersection of natural life and human-made decoration.

Have you ever imagined a stag or a lion seamlessly blended into the luxurious patterns of a Persian rug? This fusion of the wild and the ornate is the hallmark of Debbie Lawson‘s art, currently on display at her solo exhibition, “Hidden Territories,” in New York City’s Sargents Daughters Gallery.

The Woven Wilderness

Picture this: life-sized sculptures of stags, lions, and bears, their forms intricately intertwined with the plush motifs of woven rugs. In Lawson’s exhibition, the wildlife seems to be elegantly draped in a mantle of domesticity, while still radiating an air of regal splendor. Her artistry skillfully navigates the realms of hiding and unveiling, inviting onlookers into a mesmerizing space where the distinction between living creatures and lifeless objects becomes delightfully ambiguous.

“Bear Cartouche” (2023)

A Symphony of Patterns and Forms

Lawson’s approach is not just about covering these animals in fabric. It’s about reimagining the very essence of both the creatures and the carpets. By keeping the common rectangular shape of the rugs around each animal, she adds a layer of complexity. This artistic choice further obscures the boundary between human-made decoration and natural life, presenting a fascinating visual riddle.

The Essence of Hidden Territories

Hidden Territories” transcends the conventional boundaries of an art exhibition. It’s a deep dive into a world where contrasts and hidden layers seamlessly intertwine. This showcase nudges us to reconsider our views on nature’s raw beauty and its intricate interplay with human ingenuity. Open until March 9, this exhibition offers a unique chance to explore these complex artistic dimensions.

Exploring Lawson’s Art Beyond the Gallery

For those intrigued by Lawson’s unique artistic vision but unable to visit the exhibition, there’s a digital window into her world. Her website and Instagram are rich with images and insights, offering a glimpse into her Kent studio where these remarkable pieces are born.

“Red Lion” (2023)

The Metaphor in the Art

Debbie Lawson’s sculptures are a metaphor for the complex interplay between our wild, untamed nature and the structured, ornate world we’ve constructed. They invite us to contemplate our own hidden territories – the wild parts of ourselves draped in the fabric of societal norms and expectations.

a close up of a statue
“Seated Stag” (2023)
a giraffe standing in a room