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The Miniature World of Mylyn Nguyen: From Playful Beginnings to Artistic Triumphs

  • Mylyn Nguyen‘s journey into miniature model artistry began with matchboxes as a child.
  • She integrated miniatures into her various art forms, eventually focusing solely on miniature models.
  • Mylyn’s work often draws inspiration from the minute details of everyday life and historical buildings.
  • Her approach balances creativity with practical skills, emphasizing the importance of mistakes in learning.
  • Mylyn’s art resonates with a growing audience interested in DIY crafts and the beauty of the miniature world.

Sydney-based artist Mylyn Nguyen has carved a unique niche in art through her exquisite miniature models. Known for their life-like detail and functionality, these miniatures aren’t just art pieces; they are stories condensed into tiny, tangible worlds.

Childhood Fascination: The Matchbox Beginnings

Mylyn’s artistic journey began in the 1980s, sparked by a simple matchbox. At the age of two, she created her first miniature – a tiny paper doll with a matchbox for a bed. This humble beginning was more than a child’s play; it was the foundation of a lifelong passion for creating miniature worlds.

Enmore Theatre, 2023

Nurturing Creativity: From School Projects to Solo Shows

Her love for miniatures seamlessly blended into her school projects. A significant early work was a terrarium made from a milk carton. This project showcased her talent and her dedication, as she recreated it annually for Father’s Day. Mylyn’s artistic exploration continued at Sydney College of the Arts, where she studied fine arts and glass blowing. Yet, miniatures remained a constant, evolving theme in her work.

475 King Street, 2022

A Solo Show Turning Point: Miniatures Take Center Stage

2019 marked a pivotal moment for Mylyn when, during her solo show “Sometimes I’m too boring for my imaginary friends”, she was encouraged to focus on miniatures as standalone art pieces. This shift led to her crafting miniatures inspired by Sydney’s heritage buildings, capturing their age, character, and stories in diminutive form.

The Art of Miniature Making: Balancing Detail and Storytelling

Mylyn’s process is both intuitive and meticulous. She starts with a sketch-like framework, allowing her creativity to flow with minimal constraints. Her art is not just about replication but about infusing life into each piece. Secret compartments and hidden messages add layers of intrigue and narrative to her works.

A Journey Through Retail Management: Skills that Shaped the Artist

Parallel to her artistic pursuits, Mylyn’s 17-year career in retail management played a crucial role in her growth. The structured retail environment contrasted with the fluidity of her artistic process, providing a balanced perspective that enriched her artistry.

Embracing Art Full-Time: A Leap of Faith

In December 2021, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Mylyn took a brave step to dedicate herself entirely to her art. This decision opened new avenues for exploration and creativity, as she could now invest all her time and energy into her passion.

Engaging with the Community: Social Media and Art Education

Mylyn’s presence on social media, especially on Instagram (@mylyn_eat_zombie) and YouTube, bridges the gap between artist and audience. Her tutorials and process reels demystify the art of miniature-making, inspiring others to explore their creative potential.

Future Endeavors: From Iconic Streets to Animated Cities

Currently, Mylyn is working on models based on King Street in Newtown, Sydney. She is also venturing into creating miniature versions of settings from popular culture, like The Simpsons‘ Springfield. Her ultimate goal is to build a functional miniature theme park and cities inspired by Japanese anime.

The Philosophy of Miniature Art: Creativity Within Reach

Mylyn’s philosophy is that art is accessible and achievable. She likens creating art to making toast – it’s not about crafting a masterpiece every time but about the joy and simplicity of creation. Her work post-pandemic taps into the growing trend of DIY crafts, encouraging people to discover their creative selves.

Enmore Theatre, 2023
Enmore Theatre, 2023
Enmore Theatre, 2023
Enmore Theatre, 2023
a large brick building
475 King Street, 2022
85 Ware St, Fairfield NSW 2165, 2023
85 Ware St, Fairfield NSW 2165, 2023
85 Ware St, Fairfield NSW 2165, 2023
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