Artist Kang Dong Hyun Constructs Animal Sculptures From a Web of Metallic Twigs

Korean celebrity Kang Dong Hyun creates animal-shaped, metal figurines that look as though they are formed from delicate tree branches and twigs. However, rather than being sculpted and constructed with natural sources--such as the work of traditional hedge artists - Dong Hyun's animal sculptures are produced from industrial stuff, taking the look of metallic shrubbery.

The dramatic works of three-dimensional artwork depict majestic animals such as lions, elephants, and horses. In one piece, a rhinoceros seems to have grown organically, upwards out of its roots-like silvery hooves. One other piece takes the form of a stooping, bird-like animal, formed from bronchi-like metallic branches, which concentrate along its bottom to reveal its angular shape.

You can view more of Dong Hyun's incredible sculptures on Instagram.

h/t My Modern Met