Majestic Metal Sculptures by Lee Sangsoo: Capture the Movement of Curled Medium

The abstract sculptures of Majestic Metal Sculptures are a sight to behold. Created from simple metal pieces, Lee Sangsoo creates animals that stretch and curl in ways that make them seem alive. He starts stretching Siamese cats, pink flamingoes, and perched macaws with just a few metal pieces. The curled medium’s hypnotic movement is both informative and beautiful to look at.
“The painting takes place in an imagined realm, but the sculpture is quite real,” Sangsoo tells My Modern Met. “Look, you can touch and feel the air. It is as real as humans are to us. Because we exist in a three-dimensional world, it is tempting to create three-dimensional work.” Unassuming designs are not only elegant in their simplicity, but they are also highly entertaining. Each one appears to represent the animal’s personality as well as its form.

You can see some of Lee’s work in person at Kiaf SEOUL and keep up to date with his newest sculptures by following the artist on Instagram.