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Artist Transforms Old Paintbrushes Into Delicate Ladies


This is what welcomes the visitor of this multi-media artist on her website. Living and creating in San Francisco, Rebecca Szeto inspires with her latest pieces of art on deeply unconventional way – she creates paintbrush portraits, lending inspiration from the great history of art. Bringing new life to the objects which mean nothing without the touch of an artist, she works intuitively whittling the brush handles into figurative shapes.

“I am interested in the poetic intersection of the material and the immaterial — a transformative, and often humorous, synthesis of confounded expectations.” says Szeto.

The visual identity this is more than visible at the end of the process is more or less borrowed from Vermeer or Diego Velázquez. You can take a look at her point of artistic beauty on the photographs bellow.

“As someone who enjoys the small details of the everyday, doing art is a way for me to make those often times invisible moments visible.” – Rebecca Szeto