Bernie Kaminski’s Humble Papier-Mâché Sculptures Captures the Playfulness of Nostalgia

All images © Bernie Kaminski, courtesy of Turn Gallery, shared with permission

Bernie Kaminski’s sculptures transport us back to our carefree childhoods, from a pile of used phone books to an artfully-folded shirt and even the junk drawer filled with receipts, batteries, and takeout boxes. These pieces bring incredible nostalgia as we reflect fondly on those simpler times. Kaminski’s daughter sparked his passion when she created a papier-mâché seahorse at school. Driven by curiosity and ambition, he began reproducing the objects surrounding his home - like an orange dutch oven atop a shelving unit brimming with cookbooks and pantry items. With each artistic endeavor, Kaminski continued to probe further into the possibilities of paper mache artistry.

Kaminski is drawn to unique renditions of mundane subjects but makes the material’s subtle textural elements, like creases and folds, evident. His technique involves applying a layer of wet papier-mâché over cardboard and tape base, which needs to dry before he can add logos, signatures, or any other details with paint. Filled with whimsical nostalgia, the sculptures “appear counterfeit in a manner that accurately reflects my emotion about reality,” the artist expressed to It’s Nice That.

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All images © Bernie Kaminski, courtesy of Turn Gallery, shared with permission