An Artist Creates Complex Sculptures Only from Cardboard

Daniel Agdag‘s whimsical, complex sculptures are crafted entirely from cardboard and depict eccentric machines. The Australian performer, who’s also a filmmaker, labels his work “sketching with cardboard,” as he does not utilize intricate planning, measuring, or sketching to pull off each piece, despite its own meticulous appearance. Instead, the plays with the elements until he pleased.

“He will tell you that he gets things out of cardboard,” says MARS Art Gallery at Melbourne. “He is modest. This declaration in no way illuminates the delicate kind and bizarre narrative of his work. To say he compels the medium to its limits is an understatement. His process is quite much like freehand drawing. He spends a great deal of time thinking and absorbing objects in the built environment, their wonderful information and acts, which leads him to shape narratives. After this is firmly resolved in his thoughts, various components of the work start to emerge, fitting together to compliment the overall idea slowly.”