Brazilian Photographer Reveals The ‘Truth’ Behind Professional Photoshoots

We've all seen it when flipping through Instagram; these perfect portraits of girls in woods couples perched on the shore, and girls posing like models in abandoned buildings. Do not you ever wonder how those photographs came to be? Well, Brazilian wedding photographer Gilmar Silva has put together a set of 'behind-the-scenes' shows that show professional photoshoots are not always what they seem - and we are not discussing Photoshop's quantity which comes in to play. The project, titled LUGARxPHOTO ('location and photograph'), is equally a humorous look at the lengths we go to get a decent shot and an investigation of the illusions we perpetuate and often buy into through pictures of ourselves. Scroll down to see it all and let us all know in the comments when you cringed or laughed!

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