Daniel Popper: Surreal Sculptor Depicting Human Connections to the Natural World

The artist known as Daniel Popper is the creator of human-like creatures with surreal sculptures. His pieces often convey what it means to be human and our connection to the natural world. Not only are they enormous, but if you're ever lucky enough to stumble upon one of his pieces, take a moment to admire it truly. The level of intricacy and skill that went into each creation is astounding.

Daniel works with various materials and is constantly evolving his technique for integrating sculptural elements made of wood, fiberglass, and recently, FGRC (Fibre Glass Reinforced Cement). He creates his pieces in both public and private spaces.

Scroll down and be inspired. For more outstanding work, please see Daniel's Instagram.

You can find Daniel Popper on the web: Website | Instagram | Facebook