Darius Hulea: Sketches of Historical Figures Come to Life in 3D with Industrial Metal Wires

Darius Hulea is a Romanian artist who has an exciting way of creating sculptures. He uses metal wires to create 3D portraits of historical figures. This unique method gives his sculptures a realistic look that is truly impressive. His metal wire sculptures are a sight to behold, and they provide a unique perspective on some of history’s most famous figures.

Hulea has been interested in arts and crafts since he was a youngster. His grandmother made traditional geometric cloths, while his grandfather wielded agricultural instruments. This familiarity with the trades inspired him to blend art and industrial materials.

In his own words, “During my second year of college, I learned that the greatest artists of modern history utilized the principle of drawing in space or drawing a void using various material structures. Like Picasso, Calder, and David Smith, some artists utilized recycled materials. That was the point at which my sculptures went from good to great. This form of drawing was used by the great artists of the Renaissance, such as Michelangelo and Da Vinci–comprehensive, realistic compositions that anybody can comprehend.”

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