Fascinating Miniature Worlds Inside Old Pocket Watches by Gregory Grozos

Gregory Grozos is a Greek artist who is on a journey to prove that watches can do much more than just tick. There is a whole world that they can fit inside them.

“I call my creations ‘miniature worlds’ because that is what I exactly aim them to be,” Gregory states. “I try to make each work as detailed and complete as a tiny world would need to be in order to be called a world.”

A lot of Grozos’ watches that were inspired by steampunk have entire factories inside their metal casings, with complex machinery and tiny people living inside.

Other pieces are inspired by fairytales, like, for example, one pocket watch featuring a miniature Jack and the Beanstalk scene inside of it. A scale so small is not an obstacle for Gregory - he successfully manages to tell the whole story by expertly dividing the scene into levels connected by the famous beanstalk. Another example highlights a teeny-tiny apothecary inside a Victorian-era pocket watch case. It has a lot of beautiful little details, such as rows of bottles, jars, and boxes of different sizes.

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