Finding Art in Unexpected Places: The stunning rock paintings of Elspeth McLean

Looking for a bit of art in your life? Check out the stunning rock paintings of Elspeth McLean. Based in British Columbia, this artist has been working with stones to create beautiful mandala-inspired designs for almost ten years. McLean’s results are unrivaled in their intricacy and beauty. She can achieve such mandala-like detail in her paintings because of her love of nature and fascination with the patterns. For something unique and stunning, look no further than the work of Elspeth McLean!

After a trip to New Zealand in 2013, the artist was first inspired to paint stones she found on the beach. “I found a few beautifully round stones that intrigued me,” she explains, “and an idea began to flourish. As I held the mini mandala paintings in one hand and the round stones in the other, I felt inspired to create something new. Using a piece of natural Earth—in this case, these round stones—as my canvas.”

This resulted in a series of mandala paintings that can be held in someone’s hand. “I didn’t plan or expect my artwork to become so well-liked - it was an unintentional success that I am thankful for.”

In addition to the striking dotted designs that adorned every inch of the rocks, these pieces’ vibrant colors are another eye-catching element. Some resembled entire rainbows, while others had more subtle hues in red, blue, green, and so on. By experimenting with color variations, McLean captures the natural world’s whimsical beauty in her work. “I’m constantly exploring new ways to utilize colors that I see in my everyday life,” she says.

McLean’s online store offers unique stones, prints, and other products. You can also follow her on Instagram to stay up-to-date with her latest projects.