Flux: The hypnotizing installation that blends architecture and organic movement

On the outskirts of Metz, France is a massive installation that blends organic movement and architectural forms. Created for the Constellations Festival by Scale Collective, “Flux” consists of 48 beams- each 1.5 meters long with 40 centimeters in between them- attached to mechanisms controlled through an interface that rotate at various speeds depending on viewer input and create hypnotizing patterns as they weave back and forth across this space. The French collective has created a 20-meter long sculpture that is alive and evolving through the use of multiplications, micro variations in time delays, speeds, amplitude. The result is an interesting piece on public art that will be sure to captivate those who see it for themselves! You can watch their videos on Vimeo, Instagram, or visit the website for more information if you're interested in what they do.

via Core 77