Jason deCaires Taylor 3

Four Horsemen Sculptures Fully Sink in the River Thames During High Tide

Famous British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor has lately brought the four horsemen to London, through his installation titled ‘The Rising Tide.’ The site-specific work features life-sized statues perched on the backs of horses, their eyes closed as they look out towards the Thames river bed. Their appearance features the waterway’s role in London, first as a place for business, trade, industry, and more lately, as a tourist attraction.

Taylor’s 11-foot-tall sculptures express the adverse impacts that modern production has had on our environment.

“The Rising Tide questions our future relationship with trace fuels,” he states. “The corpulent businesspeople are straddling two horses express the position of power over these resources. Their equivalents are two small children representing future generations that will live with the outcomes of overconsumption.”






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