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Giant Glass Raindrop Rests on Man’s Face in Ukraine

Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk produced the 6-foot tall sculptureRain” as a symbol of man’s communication with nature, a conversation between the human race and the world around us. The bronze sculpture features an ordinary man looking upward; a giant glass raindrop placed over his face. This orb of transparent glass seems to balance correctly, a sort of calm communing passing between the droplet and the lone figure.

“The raindrop is a symbol of the dialogue which connects a man with a full diversity of life forms,” Bilyk said My Modern Met. “The figure has a loose and porous structure and relates to dry land, which absorbs water. In this work I play with scale, making a raindrop large enough to compare a man with an insect, considering that man is a part of nature. Moreover, this work concerns the question of interaction and difficulties in a coexistence of man with an environment.”