Glen Taylor’s Whimsical Porcelain Sculptures Provoke Thought on Imperfection and Repair

All images © Glen Taylor, shared with permission

When you see Glen Taylor‘s porcelain sculptures, the first thing that comes to mind is probably “imperfection.” These sculptures are a visual metaphor for the imperfections in our lives and the possibilities of repair. Each sculpture is made from broken pieces of porcelain, which have been welded back together with solder. The resulting sculptures are steeped in contrast, with gilded, floral designs next to rusty scissors or concrete hands. Taylor draws on his ceramic expertise in recent works, such as the “Introvert Mug,” which has a handle cleverly hidden within the vessel.

Overdose is a collection of designs at Design Museum Holon that features some of the artist’s antagonistic sculptures, and you may check out an archive of his works on Instagram.