lisa ericson mermaid

Hyperrealistic Drawings of Fish Blended With Their Coral Environments

Designer, illustrator, and artist Lisa Ericson paint hyperrealistic photographs of fantastical animals, composites that intertwine classes. Previously concentrated on a body of work that merged mice and butterflies, Ericson’s latest photo-series focuses on the creatures below, picture vivid fish towards matte dark backgrounds. The vigorous works feature quite a lot of coral combined into fins and tails of scaly animals, as good as demonstrating the gatherings of fish that have determined to make these tails their place.

Style: hyper-realistic drawings

Country: USA

LisaEricson 16 01

LisaEricson 16 02

LisaEricson 16 03

LisaEricson 16 04

LisaEricson 16 05

LisaEricson 16 06

LisaEricson 16 07

LisaEricson 16 08

LisaEricson 16 09

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