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Isabel Reitemeyer’s Equally Enchanting and Creepy Animal Collages

All images © Isabel Reitemeyer, shared with permission

If you're ever feeling down, look at Isabel Reitemeyer's collages. The Berlin-based artist's latest series is full of animals that are equal parts enchanting and creepy. In her songbird collages, for example, guinea pigs' heads replace the birds' beaks, giving the creatures an unsettling appearance. Likewise, in her horse collages, the bunny ears give the horses an uncanny quality. Reitemeyer's deft use of color and alignment makes her collages seamless and fascinating to look at.

Each chimerical creature has a unique personality thanks to its beady eye or slight cock of a terrier's head, which gives it the appearance of being self-aware of its unique position. Reitemeyer's use of the anthropomorphic perspective is clever and original, as he reads into our pets' and other animals' emotions and feelings as if they were his own, resulting in devious and uncommon characters.

More of Reitemeyer's collages may be seen on her website and Instagram.