Astonishing Collages Created From Thousands Of Hand Cut Photographs


Talented artist Vik Muniz belongs to the Brazil creates amazing pictures using 1000s of hand cut photos. Vik current solo exhibition titled ”Album” is live at Sikkema Jenkins Gallery. These images reflect intimate yet universal stories. The pictures use in this artwork is becoming more common and less precious, their impact on the community, collective experience, and memory. Muniz currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Press release:

”This current body of work focuses on the materiality of the photograph, drawing attention to the ways in which the physical character of the image is lost as we shift toward digital technologies and new modes of viewing.“







972_Jetliner-Postcards-from-Nowhere 2439_New-York-Postcards-from-Nowhere 5303_Wedding-Album 5858_Beach-Postcards-from-Nowhere

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