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Marcello Barenghi’s Mind-Blowing Hyper-Realistic Drawings: 3D Effects That Look Like Photographs

Most of us are used to seeing drawings that look two-dimensional. However, Marcello Barenghi’s hyper-realistic illustrations with three-dimensional effects will blow your mind! His figures seem to be jumping off the paper and into reality.

“There is no greater gratification than knowing that I’ve inspired many individuals of all ages and from various areas to pursue their objectives and hobbies, pick up a brush again, or develop new abilities,” he stated. “That is what makes me happiest, more than any award or accolade.”

You can check out his fantastic work on his Youtube channel, where he posts his working videos. Watching him create these drawings is an education in itself!

On the internet, you can discover Marcello Barenghi: Website | Behance | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube