Kristian Mensa’s Whimsical Drawings that Reimagine Everyday Objects

If you're looking for some inspiration, take a look at the drawings of Kristian Mensa. This Czech Republic artist takes everyday objects and reimagines them into fun and whimsical sketches that are sure to make you smile. Kristian's illustrations are always creative and exciting, whether using a simple pen or incorporating 3D elements into his art. So, if you're caught in a rut, go through his work and see how he transforms ordinary items into something unique!

Mr. Kriss Mensa is a Czech dancer and artist with a Ghanaian background who speaks through his artistic vision. In October 2019, he made it to fourth place at the renowned Red Bull Dance Your Style event in Paris and was recognized for his flexibility, elegance, and lightness by his peers.

Scroll down and get inspired. You may find more of his work on Instagram, where you may purchase prints.

Kristian Mensa: Website | Buy Prints | Instagram | Facebook

#1 How to use an extra button on your jacket

#2 Eye-s hockey

#3 Le voyage d’une

#4 Sometimes, all we need is a little pat on the back

#5 A-door-able moment

#6 (C)able to play

#7 PIN-guins

#8 Cut vegetables, not trees

#9 Finally found a proper use of white bread

#10 Long s-leaf shirt

#11 Happy World #turtle day

#12 Champion among Ketchups

#13 May you have an inspiring day!

#14 Peace, safety and calm mind to all!

#15 Spray cyclist

#16 No room for hate, mushroom for love

#17 Watermelon-ely bug

#18 Orange-utan

#19 Preparing a b-owl of fruits

#20 Vitamin C punch