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Three Dimensional Paper-Art by Rubén Martínez

The mind of a visionary is one that can see the smallest details in life and recreate them into something beautiful. Rubén Martínez transforms paper into tiny works of art inspired by classic films.

Three-dimensional paper art inspired by films such as Psycho, The Birds, Vertigo, The Exorcist, and The Shining by Spanish designer Rubén Martínez. The minimal artworks are designed, created, and require the use of a high-precision laser cutter to get the details and proportions correct on a small scale. The pieces are glued by hand and sold on his website The Smallest Boy.
The Smallest Boy represented small things to big people and was born of individual and collective visual imagination to recreate memories, dreams, and realities in miniature.

The pieces are clean, abstract but still manage to capture the essence of each film in a very unique way using geometry and color. His work is an inspiration to big people who recreate memories in miniature through this minimalistic artwork.