Tara Lee Bennett creates meticulously crafted pieces from tiny bits of paper

Tara Lee Bennett knows how to have a perfect garden. During the corona pandemic, I think we all tried to plant even one flower. Tara chooses to make it a bit different. She is a modern paper designer based out of Vancouver, Canada, who creates meticulously crafted creations from tiny paper bits. Her early childhood in Zimbabwe inspires her recent series, Lush. Tara remembers her grandma’s giant garden, full of flowers. So basically, everything she creates is a result of something she has witnessed.
Bennet works from her shared workshop - where she feeds her creative power with the presence of illustrators, a jewelry producer, a printmaker, and even her tiny puppy, Frida. Tara spends most of her time with a very long process of cutting, sticking, and gathering each section until it is finished and ready to be displayed.
If you are interested in Tara Lee Bennett’s work, you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram.