Polylester Studio Sets Up Light Installation in Amsterdam’s Neighborhood

Polylester studio creates an art installation that plays with darkness and light for Amsterdam hip-hop street party Bevrijdingsdub. Located in the Ndsm Wharf, a neighborhood in Amsterdam Noord that in recent years is now an arts and culture hub, the art takes advantage of this area's lack of sufficient lighting to offer you an immersive experience.

Established by visual artist Gabriel Lester and architect Martine Vledder, that the Amsterdam studio takes on an assortment of projects, from art and public sculptures to inside and stage layout. To get void-non-void, the studio drew inspiration in the message, a hip-hop track by grandmaster flash and the furious five. As the narrative goes, in the very first hip-hop parties at the Bronx a person stood from the light switch in the living room switching it on and off into the rhythm of the rest beat. Similarly, void-non-void attributes white lights on both the interior and outside walls that at the blink of an eye transform the item from a white cube to a dim block, from an empty shell into a filled heart and out of an ideal spot into an eye-catching structure.

h/t designboom