Firebot 500
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Robot Art by Tal Avitzur


“Creating these assemblage robot sculpture night lights is a labor of love … and a way to justify an obsession with collecting interesting recycled metal pieces and having a workshop full of them.” Santa Barbara, California based artist Tal Avitzur started visiting scrap metal and salvage yards while remodeling his home. Amazed at all the vintage tools and equipment that were in piles, on their way to the smelter, he began amassing parts with character. By giving new life to discarded objects, and perhaps preserving a bit of industrial history, he hopes these pieces will bring smiles to robot lovers everywhere.


Yale 500


Throttler 500


Snork 500


Sentry5 500


Rocketeer 500


Platylope 500


Navigator 500


Monitor 500


Mask 500


Mack 500


Jigsy 500


Gustav 500


Grinder 500

Electro 500


Cyclotaur 500


Conqueror 500


Clyde 500

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