The artist pays homage to prehistoric animals through oil paintings

Throughout history, animals were one of the best inspirations for artists. After all, they can be large and powerful predators, as well as small and innocent amphibians that inspired many creators. We have lots of paintings, sculptures and other works which present this amazing specie. One such creator is Katharina Barth. She’s a German artist based in London who decided to portrait one of the extinct species. She finished DLD College London in Fine Art and Photography in 2012, and now she’s doing a BA in Painting in Central London. This passionate animal lover is focus lately on making eye-catching black and white oil portraits of dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus, Smilodon, and more. She draws even the entire collection of prehistoric skeletons. To reach the radiant luminosity in her arts, she uses a combination of oil paint and spray. The colors that you see the most on her masterpieces are silver and grey. She is doing lots of gradation in shades to keep the background in delicate focus. The results are breathtaking cause those pictures look like the old black and white movies. Barth puts her artwork on her website, and they are available to purchase. In case you are really into her work, you can also follow her Instagram account.