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Artist Ricardo Martinez

  • Prolific Career: Ricardo Martinez Ortega, a renowned illustrator and cartoonist, has made significant contributions in the fields of advertising, newspapers, and comics.
  • International Recognition: His works have gained global acclaim, earning him prestigious awards and recognitions, including a Goya for Best Animated Feature Length film.
  • Versatile Contributions: Ortega's talents have been showcased in various mediums, from editorial cartoons to advertising for major brands and creating popular comic strips.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born in 1956 in Santiago, Chile, to Spanish immigrant parents, Ricardo Martinez Ortega moved to Madrid, Spain in 1969. His journey into the world of illustration and cartooning began in the late seventies, marking the start of a distinguished career. Ricardo's early professional endeavors included creating illustrations for various publications, advertising agencies, and comic books.

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A Move that Shaped His Career

In 1981, a significant move to Miami opened new avenues for Ricardo. Here, he worked at an advertising agency, bringing his creative touch to campaigns for brands like Seven Up, Dr.Pepper, and American Express. His skills also extended to designing movie posters.


An Illustrator's Journey in the World of Newspapers

Ricardo's foray into the newspaper industry began with "The Miami News," where he worked as a designer, illustrator, and graphic artist. His tenure at this publication was a precursor to his prominent role at the Miami Herald as an Op/Ed illustrator.


Goomer: A Comic Strip Legacy

Perhaps one of Ricardo's most endearing contributions is the comic strip "Goomer," created with his childhood friend Nacho. Launched in 1987, this comic strip first appeared in the Spanish daily "El Pais" and later in "El Mundo." Its continuous publication since then is a testament to its popularity and Ricardo's creative prowess.


Return to Madrid and Editorial Contributions

1989 marked Ricardo's return to Madrid. He played a crucial role in the founding of "El Mundo" newspaper, overseeing the Art Department. His editorial cartoons, created in collaboration with Nacho, became a defining feature of his work.


A Freelancer's Diverse Portfolio

While working for El Mundo, Ricardo also undertook freelance projects, creating illustrations for notable entities like Coca Cola, Madrid City Hall, Telefonica, and UNICEF. His versatility in illustration is evident in the wide range of his clientele.


Recognition and Awards

Ricardo Martinez Ortega's talent has been recognized with numerous awards, including 8 gold awards and a "Judge's Special Recognition" from the Society of Newspaper Design. He has also received accolades such as the International Press Award and the prestigious Madrid Premio Tono.


Impact on Pop Culture and Art Collections

His work has not only graced newspapers but also museums and private collections. Notable figures and institutions like Kofi Annan, King Juan Carlos I of Spain, and the Bill Clinton Library are among those who own his drawings.


Goomer: Beyond the Comic Strip

The comic strip "Goomer" achieved further fame when it was adapted into an award-winning animated film in Spain in 1998. The strip's popularity also led to its syndication in the United States and its presence in newspapers worldwide.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Ricardo Martinez Ortega known for?
    • Ricardo is renowned for his illustrations in newspapers, advertising, and comic strips, especially his work on "Goomer."
  • What awards has Ricardo Martinez Ortega won?
    • He has won multiple awards, including the Goya for Best Animated Feature Length film and several awards from the Society of Newspaper Design.
  • Where has Ricardo worked as an illustrator?
    • He has worked at "The Miami News," Miami Herald, "El Mundo," and also as a freelancer for various brands and agencies.
  • What is "Goomer"?
    • "Goomer" is a popular comic strip created by Ricardo and his friend Nacho, widely published and adapted into an animated film.
  • Has Ricardo Martinez Ortega contributed to any social causes?
    • Yes, he has created illustrations for organizations like UNICEF and Amnesty International.
  • Who owns Ricardo's drawings?
    • His drawings are owned by notable figures and museums, including Kofi Annan, King Juan Carlos I, and the National Library of Madrid.
  • What is Ricardo's connection to advertising?
    • He has conceptualized ads for major brands like Seven Up, Dr. Pepper, and American Express.
  • How has Ricardo's work been recognized internationally?
    • His works have appeared in the Annual collections of The Society of Illustrators in New York and have been recognized with international awards.
  • What is the significance of Ricardo's editorial cartoons?
    • His cartoons are known for their political satire and have been a staple in newspapers like "El Mundo."
  • What other forms of media has Ricardo's work appeared in?
    • Besides newspapers and comic strips, his work has appeared in movie posters, advertising campaigns, and museum collections.