The Fruit of His Labor: Artist Dennis Wojtkiewicz Finds Nourishment in Slices of Fruits

“Citrus Series #33.” All images © Dennis Wojtkiewicz, shared with permission

A light painting of a slice of fruit is not what one would expect to see from an artist, but Dennis Wojtkiewicz's luminous paintings are anything but ordinary. The light that shines through the slice captures the light and shadows as they dance on the canvas, making it seem like you can cut into the fruit yourself. He uses pastels with slightly blurred lines to capture this light and shadow in his works. His site also has prints and original versions of these vibrant fruits, and they can be found in Moberg & Doran art galleries. On Instagram, you can keep up with his latest work.

“Melon Series #18”
“Melon Series #49”
“Apple Series #3”
“Citrus Series #32”
“Horn Melon Series #6”
“Melon Series #47”
“Lemon Series #18”
“Peach Series #10”
“Kiwi Series #8”
“Rosette Series #35”