The Pastel World of Danym Kwon: Capturing Life’s Essence

Detail of “You Smiled, and Sparkling Light Shined on the Water”
  • Danym Kwon's paintings blend everyday scenes with surrealistic elements, using pastel colors to evoke deep emotions of togetherness and home.
  • Influenced by traditional Korean folk art and still life painting, her works often feature everyday objects as canvases for her cherished memories.
  • Kwon's personal journey through cancer and motherhood deeply impacts her art, instilling a sense of vitality and brightness.
  • Her ongoing exhibitions, including "A Soft Day" at Hashimoto Contemporary, offer a unique glimpse into her artistic world.

Danym Kwon, an artist renowned for her ability to intertwine the simplicity of daily life with a surrealistic touch, is currently in the spotlight for her solo exhibition "A Soft Day" at Hashimoto Contemporary. Kwon's artistry goes beyond mere visual appeal; it's a journey through her intimate experiences and reflections on life.

“You Smiled, and Sparkling Light Shined on the Water” (2023), acrylic gouache on canvas, 46 x 35.75 inches

The Essence of Everyday Life in Art

At the heart of Danym Kwon's art is the transformation of mundane scenes into extraordinary canvases. Whether it's a serene moment by the bedside or the tranquility of nature, Kwon skillfully uses pastel colors and imaginative staging to capture these instances. Her paintings are more than just depictions; they are her cherished memories, given a special place on her canvas.

“The Season of You, My Dear” (2023), acrylic gouache on canvas, 46 x 107.5 inches
Detail of “The Season of You, My Dear”

A Personal Journey Through Art

Kwon's art is deeply personal. Her battle with cancer and the experiences of motherhood have profoundly influenced her perspective on life and art. She finds solace in life's simple pleasures, like the sight of her child sleeping or the beauty of nature. These moments, though fleeting, are potent sources of energy and inspiration for Kwon, fueling her artistic expression.

“Cold But Cozy” (2022), acrylic gouache on canvas, 28.5 x 28.5 inches

Traditional Influences and Modern Interpretations

Kwon's artistic influences stem from traditional Korean folk and still life painting, particularly Chaekgado. This traditional form is evident in her choice of subjects, like vases or books, set against empty, potentially infinite backgrounds. She places memorable scenes within everyday objects, creating a sense of parallel time periods and dimensional shifts.

“Driving Through the Summer” (2023), acrylic gouache on canvas, 28.5 x 28.5 inches

The Symbolism of Home

A recurring motif in Kwon's paintings is the depiction of a tiny home, a symbol that resonates deeply with her immigrant experience in America. This symbol serves as a representation of herself, her family, and the universal quest for belonging. Through her art, Kwon invites viewers to pause and appreciate life's precious moments, often missed amidst the hustle of everyday life.

background pattern
“Flowers Whisper” (2023), acrylic, acrylic gouache on canvas, 46 x 18 inches

Exhibitions and Recognition

"A Soft Day," running from January 6 to 27 at Hashimoto Contemporary's new location in San Francisco, is a testament to Kwon's growing acclaim. Additionally, her work is featured in "Lone Splendor" at Paradigm Gallery + Studio in Philadelphia. Kwon's art continues to draw attention, inviting viewers to explore her unique perspective on life and art.

Danym Kwon's artistic journey is a profound reminder of the beauty in everyday moments. Her ability to transform simple scenes into vibrant, emotional landscapes makes her work a must-see for art enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. Explore more about Danym Kwon and her captivating work on her website and Instagram.

“I Wish You Are…” (2023), acrylic gouache on canvas, 31.5 x 31.5 inches
“Lean On Me” (2023), acrylic, acrylic gouache on canvas, 35.75 x 25.5 inches.
“Listening to You” (2023), acrylic, acrylic gouache on canvas, 25.5 x 35.75 inches