Ukrainian Tattoo Artist Creates Tattoos as Constant Reminders of Nature’s Beauty

Ukrainian tattoo artist Oshin Timoshin is a rising star known for his work. Just 23-years-old, he is already been creating nature-inspired tats for the previous six years. Whether in light, washed-out colors or using his tasteful tattoos dance over your skin, delicate black lines.

The aesthetic decision to focus on nature tattoos is purposeful. Timoshin, whose real name is Sergey, shares In these times of doubt, nature is our only fulcrum left.” Through his work, the tattoo artist that is young is solidifying a bond between the natural world along with his customers.

For him, tattooing is a way to improve the body of one, by living using a continuous reminder of what is significant, placing extra worth into it. He explains, “They are designs that are ageless, remembering to remain humble in the front of something which has existed before us and celebrating life and will exist after us. We have to care for nature, to remind its miracle. We can get it done with tattoos and art.”

As vision that will last an eternity, it's important to feel connected to and inspired by the artwork that graces the skin.