Why is Calligraphy Such an Expensive Art?


Calligraphy is widely used in invitations and décor. It’s a reputed and respected skill. Although widely used in modern times, with digital tools, it has a rich and long history dating back more than 1,500 years. Speaking of which, most of us believe it is ridiculously expensive.

Well, calligraphy is a skill that demands time and effort. Following, we are going to explain why it is very costly.

It Takes Time

Calligraphy is an art discipline, and it is known for uniqueness. A finished piece of calligraphy may look like easy and was done effortlessly. But, you have no idea about The Talent Bank spent to create it.

person in blue and white floral shirt reading a book

Creating a piece of calligraphy takes time and effort. It is completely slowly and needs a lot of copies to perfection. For instance, a simple wedding invitation takes 3-5 minutes to write with a normal pen. If it’s written in calligraphy, it will take hours to complete.

The calligrapher has to review the final piece with great care to fix any errors and ensure everything is leveled. This takes time as well. For all this effort, a calligrapher has to be compensated.

Calligraphy can be Done Only for a While a Day

The only way to look good is setting up shop, paper, ink, nip, and pen. The artist needs a fresh hand, have to be alert, and focused. If the artist suffers from muscle fatigue, they can’t do any work. The pen has to be held in perfect balance, with a firm grip.


If the artist tries to write too early in the morning, or too late at night, and continue for more than 4-5 hours, they will end up making a dear mistake. Moreover, the pen, letterform, and paper have to be sensitive to the artist’s hand and should reflect their work properly.

Their mental state and will pay a big role. A single particle or any disturbance can ruin everything. This is why calligraphy takes up to a whole day. This is why calligraphy articles have a high price.

It Takes Years to Learn

It takes years for someone to form proper letters with right spacing and details. It takes the effort to control the effect and thickness. After spending 1-2 years to learn the basics, most people spend a few years more on refining their unique style of lettering. After 3-5 years, they become confident enough to sell.


After investing years to master their work, they further enhance the capital letters because ending words and lines is another skill itself. It takes a lot of trial and mistakes to master, and this goes beyond the basic training and personal development.

Training can be informal and self-taught, whatever works for the artist. The high price is a tribute to the effort, time, years, and everything the artist has spent to learn this skill and hone themselves.

a skill that demands time and effortMoreover, there are different types of fonts which look just like hand-written calligraphy. Some people can’t tell both of them apart. The best fonts are expensive, but they need a skilled and talented artist with perfection to pull it off.