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Can Someone Drive My Car If They Are Not on My Insurance?

It is common to lend your car to a friend or a neighbor if their vehicle is unavailable. Most drivers do not think much about insurance when participating in these friendly transactions. But if a borrowed car is involved in an accident, insurance coverage becomes important.

How Does Insurance Work If Someone Has Borrowed Your Car?

Insurance coverage works differently if the car owner was not driving the car involved in an accident. A person does not need to be named in the auto insurance policy for the coverage to be effective. Most car insurance policies cover the car, and the driver’s own insurance plan defines the inclusions and exclusions on how the vehicle and driver are covered.

It is critical to note that car insurance coverage for comprehensive damages and collision goes with the car. The car owner’s insurance will mostly cover the cost of repairs if the driver using the vehicle had the owner’s permission to operate the car. In most cases, if the car owner’s family is using the car, it is assumed that they have permission to use the car regardless of if they are named in the policy terms. However, if the person using the car did not have permission to operate it, the insurance may not cover for damages. Besides, the state in which the car is registered and the conditions that led to the accident will be considered when insurance coverage is sought. 

What is the Extent of Liability Coverage?

Liability coverage acts differently compared to collision and comprehensive coverage. It goes with the driver instead of the car. The driver’s own insurance policy will usually provide liability coverage to all the eligible vehicles used by the driver. The most common exclusion for liability coverage is when the car is not deemed a private passenger car or if the car operated by the driver is not driven as a replacement of the eligible vehicles. It is recommended to review your applicable insurance policy’s specific terms and conditions to determine what your insurance company provides liability coverage.

What Happens If There Is No Available Insurance Coverage?

In a scenario where there is an accident, and there is no applicable insurance policy, you are eligible to sue both the driver and the vehicle owner to recover compensation for your medical expenses and damages. Similarly, the opposite party can sue you directly if you or your car are found in an accident without insurance coverage. Hence, it is always recommended to carry uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

How Can a Car Accident Attorney Help You?

The language used in insurance policies is usually confusing and hard to decipher. This makes it imperative to hire a car accident lawyer if you or your car is involved in a crash. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney will provide you with the proper information to protect you and the person you allowed to drive your car. A skilled lawyer will objectively advocate for your case and ensure that you receive the largest possible compensation for your damages and injures available under the insurance policies.