Are Websites and Ecommerce Stores Reliable for Online Shopping?

Today, we have thousands of websites and e-commerce stores functioning on the internet from all over the world. With the increasing popularity and trend of online shopping, the scope of business through these platforms has increased significantly. The e-commerce market is thriving, as experts believe that by 2040, around 95% of shopping will be done through e-commerce channels. With over 2 billion digital buyers in the world, e-commerce has grown to become a trillion-dollar industry.

With direct access to smartphones and laptops, customers are regularly shopping via online platforms. Statistics show that one-third of customers buy a product online more than once a week. This shows that the popularity of online shopping is only meant to increase from here. The highly competitive market has provided customers direct access to a variety of quality products at a much economical price tag. Furthermore, with the recent global pandemic, digital platforms have seen a surge of consumer traffic on their stores. This shows the growing interest of customers in the modern market.

Benefits of Online Shopping

People are generally showing acceptance towards the concept of online shopping. There are a few instances where people experienced late delivery or poor quality of the product they ordered. But overall, people have positive reviews about online shopping. A major advantage of online shopping is that it offers accessibility and feasibility to the consumers. They can easily access thousands of products at competitive rates from the comfort of their couches.

Another plus point in this scenario is that many brands and stores are now offering free shipping. It attracts tonnes of customers, as they get their products delivered at their doorstep. Customers can also return their shipping straight away if there is an issue with the product. Furthermore, they are also able to pay through different gateways, like credit cards or cash on delivery. Brands are also thriving hard to get good reviews and ratings from their customers which is significantly enhancing their product quality and customer service. Consumers also save precious time and money by shopping online, as going to a store can be a hectic and expensive task at times, but they can shop with ease through online stores.

Is Buying Products Online Expensive?

As the competition is getting intense with the saturation of the online market, brands are reducing their prices to attract more customers. No brand is able to exploit consumers by selling at an outrageously expensive rate. Additionally, many stores offer exclusive discounts to their online customers. These discount vouchers are given to customers on their first orders or during public holidays like Christmas or New Years, when people are more likely to shop online.

Seasonal or annual discount sales are also becoming a thing now. Plus, brands also offer special discount vouchers to their regular customers to promote the concept of brand loyalty. Furthermore, there are platforms like Slick Deals that provide their users with Purple codes, that can be used to gain a special discount while shopping from a certain brand.