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How to Minimize Issues When Scaling Your Business

When most people consider scaling a business, initially, they see dollar signs. Scaling a business up means more money and finally hitting some of the financial goals you had from the start. However, being too quick to jump the gun can lead to issues that could potentially set a company back. 

It's important to consider that when scaling your business up, other issues grow exponentially. You have more customers, but you now have more customer service. Your business is bigger, but now you have more overhead. 

You're reaching more people, but you're spending a lot more on advertising. You also need to implement changes regarding your CRM and other applications. You need software to handle invoicing larger numbers of clients. Now, you need to have someone step in and help deploy these changes because you've hired 100 new employees. 

It's easy for new, stressful issues to arise when you scale your business. Many of these issues you weren't even prepared for, which makes them especially detrimental. 

In this article, we'll examine how to make scaling your business as seamless as possible, Continue reading for how to minimize issues when you scale your business. 

Hire the Right Employees

One of the most efficient ways to minimize stress and other issues when you're scaling is by hiring the right employees. At some point, you'll have to do a fair amount of hiring to accommodate for the growth your company is experiencing. This is a good time to make some changes to your interview process. 

Make it a point to make sure potential employees' values line up with the values of the company. Ask relevant questions pertaining to these topics during the interview process. When you find employees who have the same vision as the company, it's easier to grow together. 

Hiring people who may not see eye to eye with your company's vision can create problems down the line. You don't want potential hangups as you're growing, and you don't want employees that go against the grain to set the wrong precedent. Keep everything uniform, including you're hiring. 

More Emphasis On the Customer Experience

Now that your company has a larger customer base, the customer experience becomes more important than ever before. Consider making the following changes to ensure scaling your company is seamless and successful. 

Following Up

Make sure new acquisitions are followed up with on a routine basis. It's important to ensure that new clients are deploying their new software and applications efficiently. You need to know they are satisfied and are receiving the expected value from what they paid for. 

Likewise, you can't forget about your older clients. Make sure your original core of customers doesn't get left behind. It's important to offer them the same products and offers new customers get. After all, they are what got you to this position. 

Reassure them that despite your new growth, all the things that made you such a successful company will not be changing. They will still have access to top-notch customer service, help with onboarding, and constant support. 

Alternatively, this could be a great time to form a new department and start adapting a CSM program if you don't already have one. 

Hiring a CSM or CSM Team

Now would be a great time to consider hiring a CSM. You might have relied on your sales team to follow up with clients and a customer service team to handle any concerns in the past. As your client base grows, you need to designate a team that handles customer success exclusively.

This benefits your company in two ways. First, you're offering new clients an opportunity to use resources that will help them in their success. Second, this is a new service you can offer your existing customer base. 

Implementing a CSM strategy gives you a chance to contact past clients and make sure everything is working for them still. Offer them the opportunity to work one-on-one with your new team of Customer Success Managers. 

Employee Engagement

When you grow, it's important to encourage employee engagement. This keeps employees in the loop, ensuring they feel like they are still a part of the team. You don't want valuable employees who were there for your initial growth to feel like they are being left behind.

Alternatively, you don't want new employees to feel intimidated or feel like they are a number and not a name. The more personal you can keep the experience, the more chances you have at employees rallying behind you, giving you more support as you grow larger. A company is only as good as the employees that make up that company, and everyone should feel equal and included. 

You start running into trouble when employees feel like the company is bigger than them. This is when overshadowing begins and breeds negative competition. This is what you don't want. 

Stick with What Works

The basic idea of being successful as you scale up is to stick with what works. You don’t want to outgrow your formula for success that got you there in the first place. This is where many companies fail as they grow.

Continue to keep employees close and in the loop while encouraging new employees to engage with the team. Stay on top of customer service and reach out to customers, and you’ve got a formula for successful growth.