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5 Small Business Ideas

Some individuals feel okay working for companies. You might work for the same business entity for many years, though that does not happen so often these days. You may also jump from job to job, depending on what salary and benefits the companies offer you.

However, a time might come when you no longer want to work for anyone but yourself. If you reach that point, you’ll need to start your own company unless you have enough money to retire.

Starting your own small company is not easy, but it can reward you in many ways if you find success with a particular business model. We’ll talk about a few small business ideas right now that you may want to consider if you have the requisite skill set.


If you want to start a small business, the first rule is to go with what you know. It makes little sense to get into the IT world if you don’t know about concepts like two-factor authentication and passwordless authentication.

With that in mind, you might become a handyperson if you’re good with your hands and know a lot about tools and fixing things. Maybe you come from a blue-collar background, and you had relatives that taught you how to do all types of chores and tasks around the house.

If you know how to replace vinyl siding, how to install backsplash, how to do carpentry and plumbing, etc., this is a business model that potentially makes sense for you. Remember, though, before you start, you will need to get the proper insurance that such a professional service requires.

Dating Consultant

Maybe you fancy yourself a matchmaker. Perhaps you have set up various single friends of yours, and 

they have married the individuals who you recommended dating.

If so, you can become an online dating consultant. These individuals make very good money in some instances. You might attract some clients who no longer like the bar scene and dating apps.

If you go in this direction, you will need to offer personalization in a way that an app like Tinder can’t. You can charge for your time and give people recommendations regarding how and where to find love.

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Freelance Web Developer

Working from home happens more than ever these days. The pandemic has brought about societal changes, and some people who used to work in offices now work out of their houses and apartments. They don’t seem likely to want to go back to the old system.

If you have web development skills, you can probably charge for those services, and often, you can work from home. You can probably get some idea of how much to charge by looking on Upwork or another freelancer site.

If you have considerable skills in this area, you can set up a profile for yourself and start creating websites and other content for people very quickly. The more of a reputation you develop, the more you can charge.

Personal Trainer

Maybe you’re someone who loves to stay fit, and you like to promote healthy lifestyles too. If so, perhaps you can become a personal trainer.

Some personal trainers work for gyms, but if you want to work for yourself, you can do that too. You may need to get a license to do this kind of work, depending on where you live.

You can offer in-home consultations and develop personalized workout routines for your clients, depending on what they envision. You might help them put on muscle or lose weight, or you can create a diet plan for them if they only want to eat vegan foods.

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Resume Writer

If you have some writing skills, you can make a very good living as a resume writer. Some people will pay top dollar for you to write their resumes for them. You can ask for all of the information about them that you think is relevant, and then you can write a resume based on what they tell you that is sure to get a prominent company to hire them.

Remember that if you choose to try any of these career paths, you will probably need to furnish your own health insurance and other benefits. For instance, you can’t get a 401K from a company if you’re working for yourself. However, you can open up an IRA and contribute to it regularly instead.

Working for yourself is not for everyone, but you may want to at least consider it at some point.