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What is Included in Diversity Training In The Workplace

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Diversity Training

Diversity training is very important in today’s workplace because there are so many different cultures working together. You need to be able to help your employees feel safe, beneficial, and heard. Diversity training helps you and your employees to learn how to treat others that are different from you. 

Every workplace should have this training to help everyone from leadership to the newest hires. You will need workplace diversity trainings to train your workforce in how to work with others that are from different cultures. This helps everyone to get along well and work together.

This article will share with you some of the things that are included in diversity training. There are lots of different components that you could add. This article will only list a few, you can do some research and find some more. 

Awareness Around Workplace Diversity Issues

This would be the issues that the underrepresented minority groups face in the workplace. It also includes gender gaps and microaggressions. Gender gaps are the gaps that show that men generally make more money than women. Microaggressions are discrimination issues that are subtle, indirect, or unintentional against marginalized groups. 

Beliefs and Challenges

There are people who believe a certain way because of life circumstances and that can create challenges in the workplace. If you were brought up believing that you were better than minority groups, this will cause you to have issues in the workplace. Similarly, if you were part of a minority group and always believed that you were less than the majority, this could also cause issues: Diversity training will help both groups work together to showcase the talents of both groups.

Gain a Deeper Understanding

With diversity training you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and of marginalized groups. The training will show how similar the groups are and how different they are. It will also show how those similarities and differences can work together to become a better workforce. This can help the workforce to learn to work together to make a better community.

Effective Collaboration and Communication Skills

Diversity training can also lead to more effective collaboration and communication skills within all the cultures. Collaboration and communication are important for every type of business, so these are important skills to learn. It is difficult to get anything done without effective collaboration and communication skills. 

How to Stand Up to Discrimination, Racial Bias, and Microaggressions

Learning to stand up for yourself and your marginalized group is a very important skill to learn. You will need to learn how to do this in a professional manner so that you can keep your position. You can protect yourself and others by learning how to do this professionally. 

Types of Training

Awareness Training

Awareness training is a kind of precursor to diversity training, it can be used to start your diversity training. This training is to make your employees aware of the differences that are in your workplace. It does not really go into much depth, just gives an awareness of those differences and how to act. 

Skills-Based Diversity Training

This type of training revolves around specific actions that people who are different levels of awareness around your workplace can take to practice inclusion. This can help to ensure that all your employees have the practical skills that can breed inclusion. You can learn more at this site. This training can move your employees from the awareness level to the proficient level. 

Diversity Audits

These audits are checkpoints that employers use to determine where their workforce is and where they are headed in diversity training. These audits can assess relationships among colleagues and the work environment. They can also manage employee attitudes towards their coworkers and makes sure that company policies are followed. 

These audits can also identify all types of discrimination and can encourage employee transparencies. Psychological safety is also something that you have to look at and remind your employees that they can share only if they feel safe to do so. 

Basic Diversity Training

This is just the basic training that you can get started with. This training emphasizes empathy and respect in the workplace. This can also train your employees about your company’s values and how diversity training embodies those values. It should also include anti-racism training, anti-sexism training, and education about sexual orientation and gender identities. 


Diversity training should begin with awareness and basic diversity training. It should include teaching your employees about the differences in cultures and how, despite these differences, your employees can still be sympathetic and empathetic. If you can teach your employees how to treat others with respect, you are halfway there. 

This training will help your employees to treat their co-workers the way that they want to be treated. It will also help to explore differences and similarities and how they affect the workplace.