19 Really Great Inventions That You Never Knew You Needed

Some people come up with really unusual inventions that change the world and the way we do things.  The following devices, however, aren’t any of those; they’re just really cool.

1. No Dead Arm Cuddle Mattress

no dead arm cuddle mattress

2. Just Yank Plug

just yank plug

3. Portable Keyboard for Your Smartphone

portable keyboard for smartphone

4. No More Icky Soap Holders

no more icky soap holders

5. Safer In-Ground Trampoline

safer in-ground trampoline

 6. Purpose Made Nutella Knife

purpose made nutella knife

7. Plug Sockets on Your Bed Legs

plug sockets on your bed legs

 8.Weight-measuring chopping board

weight-measuring chopping board

9. Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag

sneaker wash and dry bag

 10. Light In Your Pocket

11. Edge Painting Tool

edge painting tool

12. Pot for Pasta

pot for pasta

13. Lightsaber Toasting Knife

lightsaber toasting knife

 14. All Ears Open Pillow

all ears open pillow

15. Light Changes According to Temperature Shower Head

light changes according to temperature show head

 16. Fanny Pack for Your Dog (Not Recommended)

fanny pack for your dog

17. Waterproof Touchscreen Keyboard

waterproof touchscreen keyboard

 18. Flip Flop Beer Holder

flip flop beer holder

19. The Never-Get-Out-Of-Bed Table

the never-get-out-of-bed table