Todd St. John: Crafting Emotions and Memories in Wood

“Relief Head”
  • Brooklyn-based artist Todd St. John excels in creating sculptures that evoke surprise and wonder.
  • His collaborations span prestigious editorial clients and major brands, illustrating complex ideas and emotions.
  • St. John’s love for woodworking began in childhood and seamlessly integrates into his artistic expression.
  • His work favors tactile, dimensional forms, often in wood, offering a unique contrast to digital creations.
  • Upcoming exhibitions and his latest works are accessible through his Instagram, with prints available in his shop.

Let’s dive into the world of Todd St. John, an extraordinary artist hailing from Brooklyn. His sculptures? They’re like a captivating carnival of creativity and astonishment. Imagine wandering through an art exhibit. Suddenly, you’re stopped in your tracks by these sculptures. They invite a moment of pause, a spontaneous laugh, and a whirlwind of curiosity. This is the enchanting spell cast by St. John’s creations.

“Relief Heads”

The Art of Combining Woodwork and Whimsy

St. John isn’t just another artist. He’s a storyteller, but instead of using words, he uses pine and walnut to carve out his tales. I remember this one piece, a fragmented figure with a distinguished chuckle – it was like it was sharing an inside joke with everyone who glanced its way. His sculptures have this unique way of connecting with you, almost as if they’re alive.


Crafting Emotions and Collaborations

Now, St. John isn’t just holed up in his studio carving wood. He’s out there, collaborating with the big guns – think The New York Times, The New Yorker, even Netflix and Google. His work? To bring to life those emotions and ideas that are just too complex for mere words. Imagine that – his sculptures fill in the gaps where language falls short.


A Childhood Love, Blossoming

His journey into the world of woodworking is a tale in itself. It started in his father’s woodshop, a space filled with the scent of sawdust and the sound of creativity. It was there that St. John’s love for crafting furniture and dimensional forms took root. And this love, it didn’t just stay within the confines of practical work – it danced its way into his animations, his stop-motion projects, and beyond.


Tactile Art in a Digital World

In a world where everything is going digital, St. John’s work is like a breath of fresh air. He once said, “Creating tactile objects opens up more opportunities for surprises.” And isn’t that the truth? While digital work has its charm, there’s something about the physicality of wood, the way it feels under your fingers, that brings a whole different dimension to art.

“Untitled,” raw pine

Upcoming Excitement and Where to Find It

For enthusiasts and soon-to-be admirers of St. John’s work, there’s exciting news: he has several exhibitions scheduled throughout the year. It’s a golden opportunity. If you have the chance to see his work live, seize it. There’s something extraordinary about experiencing these sculptures in person – it’s an entirely different level of engagement and appreciation compared to just hearing about them. There’s a vast difference between just hearing about his art and witnessing its splendor up close. For a sneak peek into his realm of artistic marvels, take a stroll through his Instagram. And for those eager to bring a slice of his creativity into their own spaces, his shop is merely a click away, brimming with wonders waiting to be discovered.

“Untitled,” raw pine
“Spider Plant”