Alternative Trapéze Kettle by Fraser Leid

The Trapèze Kettle by designer Fraser Leid intends to be a simpler version of the modern electric kettle, relating closely to regular stovetop kettles by incorporating higher quality materials as well as straightforward functionality and aesthetics. The open trapezoidal shape is the kettles unique feature. The handle is directly inline with one of the kettles leading edges that act as its pouring lip. The open top indicates where the kettle should be filled and importantly, visually promotes the disposal of stale water and cleaning the interior more often. The body is a single layer of folded Aluminium, with a strengthened underside. The interior is coated with Stainless Steel The handle comprises of hollow, Matte Polypropylene, that follows the direction of the kettles body. The base, which houses the electromagnet componentry, consists of injection moulded Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The boiling aspect of the pot is performed by induction, which is more electrically efficient than both standard hob kettle boiling and electric elements. Though a new development, induction heating is a system that will have a great impact shortly.