This Company Is Making Leg Prosthetics And They Look Marvelous

Canadian organization Alleles Design is revolutionizing the world of leg prosthetics, altering the lives of people who need them “ one fashionable leg cover at a time. The company’s founders McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda pointed out that that in the world where style and picture are therefore essential, most leg addresses created nowadays are still about one solitary factor – perform, and they set off on a mission to change it.

Since the launch of their company, the response continues to be overwhelmingly positive. “We’ve been humbled by the accolades. We want our covers to expose your individuality, and accessorize your outfits.”

“We really think that purchasing for a prosthetic cover must be fun, stylish, and inexpensive. So we completely guarantee to constantly bring you handmade covers, with an inspired style along with a beautiful silhouette.”

The studio’€™s leg covers start at $325, and they€™re all built to purchase based on customer specifications.

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