Cute AT-AT Walker Crochet Pattern Lets You Make Your Own Star Wars Toy

Well-Known in the Star Wars galaxy due to their overwhelming visibility and battle features, All Terrain Armored Transportation (AT-AT) walkers aren’t typically considered “cute.” Having A homemade AT-AT crochet design along with a little bit of creativity, nevertheless, Etsy Retailer Krawka has confirmed how cute the four-legged vehicles can actually be.

Though Krawk sells countless crochet styles in her store, her AT-AT style is specially valuable. With stubby little thighs, huge, vivid eyes, along with a circular stomach, Krawk’s beautiful style sets the move vehicles in a new—and less mechanical—light. Provided the completed product’s large-size (10.2 inches high by 11 inches long), Krawka has created this galactic task with medium-advanced crocheters in mind. While its size maybe daunting, remember that it’s just a small group of an real AT-AT’s magnificent elevation of 20 measures!

Krawka’s AT-AT design is straightforward to follow along with, strolling its Padawans through the pretty and cuddly plush’s multi-piece structure. You can view an example on Krawka’s blog, or move the whole nine meters and get the entire manual on Etsy.