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Do not Screw up Your Landing Page

It pains me to see that people are still using the home page of their website as a landing page. Well, if you are offering only one service and have no problem making oodles of changes in it every now and then, using the home page of your website as landing page would not spell any doom for your ongoing marketing campaign. But rarely will you find a website that is making a hell lot of money or generating loads of leads by serving the home page of their website as a landing page.


Well, as you are aware there are some fundamental differences between a home page of a website and a landing page. The purpose of a Home page is to educate the visitors what the website is all about and what types of services the company is offering; whereas the main purpose of a landing page is to generate leads or at least making people take the desired action. So, to ensure the success of your marketing initiative, you need to have a landing page designed properly and with painstaking attention.

But again, just having a landing page is not enough. What good is a landing page if you are not getting any business? And the worst part, even when you feel that the landing page is picture perfect and there is no power in heaven or earth that can stop you from capturing lead, the reality could be vastly different. Maybe the headline of your landing page sucks or it could be that the visitors are not getting what you are trying to convey. Now, do not go nuts because here we are going to give a round-up of common landing page mistakes that can devastate the marketing strategy of your company:


Where is the Value Proposition Man!

Now, please do not tell me that you have no idea what value proposition is. Well, in case, you really pick up the term for the first time, allow me to explain this to you. The value proposition is nothing but a promise of value that you are supposed to deliver to people. So, rather than saying something vague like – “Finest Quality product and other blah, blah, blah, etc”, you have to be very specific about it. If the offered price is lowest, say that clearly and emphatically. If the products are all ‘German-made,’ say so. Do not be shy declaring your value proposition because this is what is going to set you apart from your competitors who might happen to sell the same product. So, this is your best chance. Just go for the kill.


Don’t Be Lousy At Copy

You do not have to be a copywriter to be able to write a single grammatically correct sentence. Seriously if the tagline of your landing page is grammatically incorrect, I am sorry to say that the chance of generating a large number lead is very slim. If you are not confident with your copywriting skills, please make way for some professionals. Copywriters are a dime and dozen these days and therefore, I personally do not believe that you would have much difficulty finding one. So, get one of those highly professional copywriters on board and fix those dreaded grammatical errors before they start hampering the lead prospect of your landing page.


Ad Copy and Landing Page Mismatch

It rarely happens and when I say that it rarely happens, it corroborates the fact that it does happen. At some point of your life, you may chance upon a landing page that might have zero resemblance with the ad copy that you have clicked seconds ago. It is nothing unusual as it is another glaring example of common human error, but from a marketer’s perspective, this is a blasphemy. For God’s sake, make sure that the landing page is a continuation of your marketing initiative otherwise, it will not be able to live up to the mark.


Be Straightforward

Have you ever thought about how much time a visitor takes to figure out what you are offering? If not, you have. Visitors struggling to understand your offer is certainly not what you have been looking forward to doing. But this happens when you are not straightforward with the service that you offer. If you are offering designing services, just say that in clear and simple English. No need to take recourse in some complex technical jargon that only you and your fellow employees can understand. Think like a normal person and your landing page will be just awesome.


No Stock Photo Please

So, you have spent hundreds of dollars on stock photos. I have come across countless websites that are using stock images to represent their employee or sometimes, their clients. Well, people are not that dumb these days. You simply cannot fool them that easily. Be honest and use real-life images because these images will have a profound impact on the visitors and may help you create a brand image of your organization.


Do not Confuse them With Too Many Offers

It has been observed that when people are presented with too many options, they fail to make a choice, hesitate a lot and eventually leave the landing page. So, you have to restrict the number of pricing or any other offer to a maximum of 3 otherwise, it could have a catastrophic impact on the whole process. If you have no option available other than keeping more than 3 options, you have to use some terms like – ‘Best buy’, ‘Most Popular’ etc. This will make it easier for people to make a choice and the landing page will start generating leads.

Please Do Not Get Them Bored With Too Many Questions

If you are asking too many questions in the sales process, it will be a lost cause for sure. The number of questions that are being asked in the sales process should be kept to a minimum. Too many questions will only confuse the readers and make them leave the sales process, which I believe, is not desired by most of us.

What About Mobile Browsers

Please do not tell me that your website is not optimized for mobile browsers. How come you can generate more leads if your landing page could even load properly on mobile devices? Do not commit such heinous crime against the idea of earning more leads because this could have a devastating impact on the whole process.